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Pain is pain on every side read

“Pain is pain on every side read.” You may have heard this sentence many times and even yourself are facing with pains every day and looking for various solutions to get rid of them. This 3-letter, seemingly small, affects quality of life of many people and brings them to their knees. When pain attacks, no matter where to start and where to get involved, you are looking for pain killer every at home. As pain is an inseparable part of life, painkillers also play their daily roles. In every quality, there is a blister of pain killer tablets with different names and doses, Iranian and foreign tablets known only as pain killer .But how much do we know about them? Do they really treat our problem? These are all the questions you need to know about them so that health becomes an integral part of your life. Read this article to get the answer to these questions…..


Bipolar Disorder

Suddenly, without any reason, from peak of joy you will end up with sorrow, and say sentences like I am bored, do not argue with me and I want to be alone, this state is happening repeatedly to you and disrupts your life and takes your family and friends from you? Unfortunately, I have to say that you are more likely to develop a psychiatric disorder called bipolar disorder or “mechanical depression” that those suffering from it are commonly unaware of its symptoms. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by severe mood fluctuations, including high levels of emotional states (mania) and low (depression), and People with this disease are experiencing severe changes. Treatment of this disease is not a difficult task and today you will be able to get rid of it and return to your normal life by using the tips in this article and taking medicine with prescribing physician.



Vitamins play an important role in the growth and health of children. Healthy growth of tissues, bone repair and teeth and muscle formation all depend on vitamins in body. If you care about the growth and health of your sweetheart baby and want to have a happy child, do not forget the vitamins and supplements. If we believe and trust in advertising, every child needs to receive vitamins and supplements throughout the day, but the question that engages the mind of parents is whether we should believe these ads? Whether these oral medicines are as effective as they are said? And many other questions in the minds of these parents worried about seeing these ads. In this and next articles, you will be given information about the vitamins and supplements needed by children and their benefits, making it easier for you to make decisions.


Diabetes, Silence Diseases

Diabetes mellitus threats health of all people around the word. The tsunami of this disease is coming with 9 million diabetics and is anticipated that the victims of this chronic disease by the end of the first half of the twenty-first century will be equal to the deaths of the twentieth century wars. However, half of the diabetics do not have the smallest awareness about their illness and therefore, they do not pay attention to the necessary care for the disease and they are often informed of their illness in advanced stages. In order to get rid of this disease and help to the effectiveness of drugs, you can put aside some bad habits along with the use of drugs for controlling diabetes.

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