Alhavi alongside Students on the First Day of School

Each year, with the reopening of schools, fundamental role of children and adolescents as the main assets of the community is reminded and the minds of officials and families are once again focused on them. One of the most important issues in regard to children is appropriate education along with their health, because health of their body and soul ensures the future health of the community. Students spend most of their life in schools and are educated by their teachers and school administrators, which indicates the important role of education and training in educating these students. The more education and training ministry do its best to improve education, the more capable and effective graduates of these schools will be. Of course, the interaction and cooperation of families and other active organizations of the community is essential in this regard. Alhavi along with children attended in the first day of school to show their support toward children. Also, in the new year, a program to fulfill one of the social responsibilities of the company, which focused on children’s scientific education, was performed and a decision is made to provide required procurement for the implementation of the scientific excursions program and factory visit for schools in the new school year.