Social Responsibility

Alhavi Pharmaceutical Company as the most well-known Iranian pharmaceutical company in the field of children is committed not to seek only economic interests and supports Iranian children as much as it can. For this purpose #Umbrella_for_Children_to_Support campaign is defined as one of the most important social responsibilities of Alhavi pharmaceutical, which consists of 3 main aspects:

  • Bulding schools in deprived areas; #Umbrella_for_Children_to_Support campaign is a step towards the social responsibility of alhavi pharmaceutical company to support the children of this country, which will allocate a percentage of the children’s supplements sale to the construction of schools in deprived areas.


  • The highest quality in children’s products; Alhavi is the only Iranian pharma company that sells and markets children’s products through high quality in the EU.


  • Children’s scientific education; One of the most significant issues of Alhavi Pharmaceuticals is Children’s scientific education and preparing a field trip and factory visit for students in different age groups are  the most important executive tasks in this field.