Vision, Mission & Values


Alhavi Pharmaceutical Company, as the best and most reliable provider of services, products and pharmaceutical supplements is committed to become an international pharmaceutical company by the year 1400 and one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical industry and also a leading provider of pharmaceutical supplements.


We have the mission to improve the level of community health and awareness by relying on committed and efficient employees, innovation in manufacturing and supplying high quality of pharmaceutical products and supplements.


  • Creating Value for Patients, Customers, Personnel, Partners and shareholders.
  • Considering meritocracy in employing and upgrading knowledge-based personnel committed to organization and society.
  • Protecting and preserving the environment.
  • Observing ethics points in individual and organizational interactions and also establish an effective relationship with relevant organization.
  • Loyalty to human, organizational and community values
  • Learning, growth, innovation, continuous improvement, excellence and focus on quality.