Construct Schools in Deprived Areas

Since the lack of schools in deprived villages and areas of Iran is one of the important factors in dropping out of school of talented students, Alhavi Pharmaceutical Company in order to fulfill its social responsibility and supporting children of this country run, #Umbrella_for_Children_to_Support campaign on January 1, 2018, and Ms. Shabnam Gholikhani was introduced as the Ambassador of this Campaign. The main goals of this campaign are to allocate a percentage of the sale of children’s supplements to build schools in deprived areas. Hopefully, with the help of God, we can take further steps to support the children of this country, so that no more talented child drops out of school due to lack of facilities. Because deprivation of children from education leads to irreparable consequences for children and society, forced labor, harassment, addiction, unemployment, delinquency and ……, are  Damages that are always in the ambush of this group of children and their future. Serious determination is needed to bring back children deprived of schooling to schools, so everyone should walk in this way.