A Visit with Mehrafarin Charity

Alhavi Pharmaceutical Company, in order to thank god for its impressive achievements in the pharmaceutical industry of the country, is committed not to seek only economic interests and supports Iranian children as its most important social responsibilitiess. In order to achieve this, a visit was held with Mehrafarian charity’s officials. This Institute has the mission of supporting and empowering poor children (dropout and child labor -homeless) and their mothers, centered on national, religious and indigenous beliefs, with the goal of upbringing a talented, educated and self-esteem generation. Alhavi Pharmaceuticals announced its readiness to preserve the health of children under support of this Institute and donated 2130 Novafen suspensions to the Institute. It is hoped that with the help of the god, we will continue to cooperate with the charity organizations and continue to take more effective steps to protect health of Iranian children.