Managing director’s statement

With the help of the Lord and appreciation of the board of directors and shareholders and stakeholders, I am pleased to have the honor to be a part of Alhavi Company after several years of activity in the pharmaceutical companies.This company with over 50 years of experience in the field of producing oral medicines has always been trying to improve the health of the community.

We strive to protect the interests of the community, employees and shareholders along with observing professional ethics and in this way our main support is the elite and young human capital, experienced and reputed managers of the pharmaceutical industry and the use of up to date technologies.

According to the company’s vision, our goal is to become a reputed international pharmaceutical company in the Middle East and we strive to produce high quality products and innovate in the supply of new products to our compatriots.

I hope to succeed in improving the pharmaceutical industry of the country with the help of God and all stakeholders’ companionship and in line with this mission and goals, we will soon be successful in producing high quality medicines.

Managing Director
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