About us

Alhavi Pharmaceutical Company was founded in May 1968 under the name of “park Davis” in an area about 22000 ​​square meters located in 12th of Karaj Road and renamed to Alhavi in 1982. The name of this company is derived from the book “Alhavi Fi-al-Teb” written by Zakaria Razi. RAZI spent 15 years of his life on writing this book and lost his eyes on this path. The book is translated into English in 15 volumes and kept in Vatican. This book along with “The Canon of Medicine” were the most important European medical book until twentieth century. This book includes medical knowledge from the past to the time of the Razi, in which the doctrines of other physicians are included with the description of the diseases. Alhavi has his personal and clinical experience during the practice of medicine in Baghdad and Ray.

Currently, this Company with nearly half a century of experienced along with 400 practiced employees and production of more than 80 products is one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry of the country. Alhavi Company constantly striving to improve the healthcare of the community by means of taking advantages of new technologies in accordance with international standard.  In 2014, the company successfully achieved OHSAS 18001, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO17025 and ISO10015 certificates.

All the product of this company are manufactured according to GMP international standards and the raw materials used in the production is also purchased from companies under GMP principles. Moreover, their analysis is based on the latest principles of the pharmacopoeia of the world. Alhavi Company produces various pharmaceutical forms, including Tablets, capsules, syrups, Elixirs, suspensions and drops, in excellent packaging and distributes to the pharmaceutical market throughout the country.

Alhavi has put in place a significant number of advanced pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements, relying on its brilliant record in the field of drug and dietary supplements, along with the use of experienced experts and modernization of machinery lines. Also, the production of products under the license of leading European companies will take place in a phased based and committed timetable.