Futsal Competition on the Occasion of World Diabetes Day

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease, which if left untreated, serious complications such as leg and organ limb, kidney failure, vision impairment, and cardiovascular disease will occur. According to reports every 6 seconds, one in the world loses its life due to lack of proper control of diabetes, since continuous physical activity is one of the ways to prevent and control this disease, Alhavi pharmaceutical company held a 4th side of futsal competition with the presence of Iranian artists and football players on Monday, 96/08/22 at Shahid Chamran Sports Complex, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day and in order to motivate our country people to sport, which ended with the victory of the artists’ team. During this contest, reports from Dr. Ramin Malbosbaf, MD, Endocrinologist and Metabolism Specialist about diabetes and the ways to control and treat it, were prepared by the TV Plus news network and widely went viral on social networks. It is hoped that diabetes be eradicated in our country by running such programs, increasing people’s awareness about this disease and motivating people to have physical activities and healthy diet.