Products Commercialization

Sales & Marketing

Commercialization of a product is a complete process to introduce a new product in the market. It is considered as a final step of product development. Number of commercialization tools can be used including advertising, sales promotions, free diagnostic camps or marker offers etc. Alhavi Pharma teams are dedicated for product development and commercialization to complete the cycle. We also work with partners and offer product commercialization services in Middle East market.  Our team is experienced in supporting all stages of commercialization planning, including pre-launch, launch, and post-launch product scenarios. In order to keep apart product commercialization from sales and business development, we have a clear strategy for all activities for products commercialization.

Commercialization Strategy

Alhavi Pharma experts develop master plan for product development and commercialization including preparation of market strategies for the product under development or developed. Our team identify Market sectors and initiate the networking and product awareness plans with the distribution channels and dealers as a first step. Market potential and market access strategies preparation is the next step with the subsequent steps like licensing partner identification, pricing models agreements for different market where Alhavi Pharma has limited access. Alhavi Pharma Marketing team helps for Product branding and position of the product in the market.