Packaging Services

Blister Packaging

At Alhavi Pharma, our packaging experts make sure that manufactured product is packed in best safest way without losing product’s chemical and physical properties. Our fully automated packaging preserve the product through full supply chain starting from packing to patient. We have a wide range of packaging technologies including solids, semi-solids and liquids, sterile and non-sterile products. Experience and expertise define our blister packaging capabilities with the best available high speed machinery. We have a full range of blister packaging formats including standard PVC and foil combinations and high barrier laminates as well as aluminum/aluminum blister packaging. We offer Local blister packaging services for MNC partner, prescription drugs, vitamins, tablets, capsules, controlled substances & other OTC items. We can offer package design, high-speed blister packaging and custom designs & converting. With a variety of blister options, we can handle large volumes from short-run to commercial-scale production. We can also handle light and moisture sensitive products and all common types of foil (pvc, alu, alu/alu, aclar) etc. all blister packaging activities are done in GMP environment complying with FDA and EMEA standards.

Bottles Packaging

Alhavi Pharma offers comprehensive services, a variety of bottle packing options following strict quality control procedures to ensure quality of services. Currently we have two packaging suites to accommodate soft gel, hard gel capsules and tablets in PE bottles and glass bottles packaging especially for syrups. We offer services include purchasing of all components, carton printing, and in-line cartooning or bundling. We have facility to pack a variety of bottle sizes in various shapes.

Vials, Cartridges, Ampoules & Prefilled Syringes Packaging

Alhavi Pharma new injectable facility will have best packaging equipment from the market to ensure that the very highest quality standards are met to achieve the best possible quality. From large to small batches, our experience and technology will ensure the quality of packaging. Our new production facilities for Vials/Cartridges, ampoules and prefilled syringes will be equipped with fully dedicated and segregated capabilities for secondary packaging.