Alhavi Pharma Solids and Syrups manufacturing facility is a state of art designed and equipped facility. We are offering a verity of capsules shapes and sizes for partner’s manufacturing. We are also offering different sizes and verity of products in liquid oral forms. Sterile Manufacturing facility is at design stage and will have production facility of sterile liquid filled vials, lyophilized vials, oral suspension powders and injectable liquids could be offered as well as specific techniques such as sterile emulsion technology and pre-filled syringes.


Alhavi Pharma Syrups production capacity is around 25 Million bottles per year. We offer a wide range and variety of liquid oral products in glass and plastic bottle of all sizes and in different colors. We have high quality manufacturing facility for syrups production. Our Syrup products are highly effecting, safe and produced in GMP environment.

Solid Dosage form

At Alhavi Pharma, production capacities for capsules and Tablets are around 1 billion capsules and Tablet per year. We have adopted customize approach for the manufacturing of Tablets/capsules. We are open to manufacture Tablet/capsules in variety of sizes and shapes as per customer.

Aseptic filling

Alhavi Pharma’s new facility for aseptic productions is at design phase and ground breaking is scheduled in October 2014. We will be offering soon for Local manufacturing of sterile formulations at Alhavi Pharma Injectable production facility. Our production facility will have a maintained operational Grade A (ISO Class 5) environment for sterile fillings in Vials, Cartridges, ampoules and prefilled syringes. All areas of our aseptic processing facility, including ancillary support areas are designed at FDA and EMEA standards and will meet the other highest regulatory standards. Our facility is designed in such a way that viable airborne contamination, viable contamination on surfaces and non-viable airborne contamination will be minimum and within the allowed limits.